Annie – Uptown

My name is Annie and I have lived in Kentucky, the U.A.E., and France before coming to New York. I grew up around animals of all sorts — my parents’ farm in Kentucky currently has cats, horses, goats, and the occasional raccoon intruder. I moved to NYC about a year ago to work on a Ph.D. in French Literature and I have come to love both the city and my studies. Outside of academia, I am an avid runner and home cook.
I was motivated to work with RuffCity after leaving my sweet cat, Maxine, with my parents when I moved to New York. I miss her all the time! Dog-walking allows me to reconnect with animals, which until now was a void in my New York life. I believe that connecting with animals contributes to a sense of wellness and ultimately a fulfilling life! I enjoy the companionship of pets because I feel a sense of acceptance around them.
I think that communication with all sorts of animals is possible as long as we learn the best ways to understand them. I would love to spend time with your pup or cat and get to know them on a personal level. I understand that pets are truly an extension of the family, so I take my responsibilities seriously with each pup or cat. At the same time, I want to have fun with them during our mini-explorations of New York.
Looking forward to meeting your fur kid soon!