Ariana – Downtown

Hello! My name is Ariana and I am a 21 year old that has called New York City my home since — forever! I was born in the Bronx where I lived for 8 years. At that time my uncle had a beautiful red Staffordshire Terrier named Medusa. That’s when I discovered my love for dogs. Medusa never allowed adults to pet her, but she always loved the kids. My family relocated to Brooklyn during the summer of 2005. I begged my parents for a dog every chance I got. Then one Valentine’s day my mom bought me a large pink stuffed dog with a red nose, claiming I didn’t tell her the dog need to be able to bark, lol. I love the pink thing nonetheless.

During my last year of high school, I held down a part time job with fulltime hours…the money was awesome along with meeting new people everyday. I always dreamt of going away to school and being independent for a long time. I was accepted to Penn State and left for school during the Fall of 2014 to study Kinesiology. I became homesick and returned to Brooklyn a year and half later. I plan to continue my education beginning Fall 2018 to pursue my dreams in nursing.

I brought my dog into my house in March 2016 without the consent of my mother. I knew she wouldn’t let me keep her, but this was my only chance to convince her otherwise. She always believed that dogs should be outside to run, play, and poop wherever and whenever they wanted. I explained to her the benefits she could reap from having a dog in the house (i.e: sight for sore eyes, increased exercise, longer lifespan) but it wasn’t enough to win her. So when I brought Remy home for the first time her first reaction was priceless “Umm, Ariana. What is that?” But soon after she fell in love and the only thing my mom has done since is feed her, smile, and occasionally fill in for me when I’m unavailable to walk her! Remy is one of my best friends and I can’t wait to make more with your pups!