Billy – Downtown

Hey, my name is Billy, and I live in the wonderful East Village of NYC. Originally from a small town in Missouri, I come from roaming fields to roaming the streets of the big city in the years since. Having had the luck of meeting certain people in my life, it’s lead me onto a wonderful path to the great apple. When I’m not with the pups, I also work for a real estate company, and in my spare time, I love taking day trips to random places. I’m also a prolific reader of history, fantasy novels, and thrillers, with a bit of Netflix and Game of Thrones thrown in the mix.

My experience with dogs has essentially been a life-long endeavor, having been raised on a farm with a lot of dogs around me, it was just the norm of my life. After moving into a decent size town, we continued to have a few family dogs (Shih Tzus/Terriers) that I had the absolute privilege of growing up with, and whom I still have the wonderful experience of being able to come back home to Missouri and see. I’m a huge lover of animals, as I find the best traits can come from the little companions we call our friends. I’m looking forward to meeting yours.