Brad – Downtown

Hello! My name is Brad and I’m a proud NY-er via the foothills of Northern California. I’ve been here in the city for about 10 years now having come to pursue that age old passion of beating the boards on the great white way.

Growing up in Cali, my mom always had her heart set on getting a pure-bred Westie. Despite my stepdad being much more of a cat person (and the only one our cat Rufus ever really took to) we brought home Cricket–and for fifteen years she and I were inseparable. I taught her many party tricks that I’m sure I could share with your pup too!

When I’m not woofing it on the streets with your pooch, or hoofing it on the audition scene, I spend my time writing, reading, binging on indie films (super cinephile here), and drinking way too much tea! Aside from the general love I have for spending great days outdoors with happy pups, I look forward to bringing a sense of adventure to your pups otherwise ordinary day!