Bridgette – Uptown

My name is Bridgette and I am a pup lover and pup parent as well. I like puppy puns and my phone is mostly pup pictures, and I’m sure your pup will be a muse for me, too.

I was born and raised in NYC while my family originates from Mexico so don’t be surprised if you baby greets you with an ¡Hola! upon your return home (and no worries the Spanish lessons are at no extra cost 😉 ) I was raised by a family that to this day still believes that no home is complete without a fur baby, whether it be a feline friend or a most loyal pup. I would drive my mom nuts as we walked down the streets in the city pointing out to her each dog and its breed along with life span and breed fun facts. Yea, I was that kid. Since then my love for dogs has never wavered, even when I was chased by strays in Greece. I grew up mostly surrounded by Pitbulls or Yorkies but our first family dog was a golden retriever and then our rescue, Andy, a lab shepherd mix. I am familiar with different sizes and temperaments and as a psychology major I love discovering each pup’s individual personality.

I’ve also dog sat and walked a couple of pups around the city from a playful labradoodle to a sassy Shiba Inu. With my own pup, Andy, we’ve completed positive dog training and not too long ago won 1st place in a treat hunt and 3rd place for a recall race. I am pup parent that believes that every interaction is a bonding experience with our little ones.

Recently I was beginning to drive my mom nuts again asking for another pup but as I’m sure some of you pup parents know, living in these NY homes doesn’t allow for all that much space for multiple fur kids. Being a part of the RuffCity teams allows me not just one new pup friend, but many more! I look forward to meeting you and your pup very soon!