Caroline – Uptown

My name is Caroline and I’ve been in New York for about 3 and a half years. I’m originally from Connecticut and came to NYC for school where I’m studying History. In my free time, some of my favorite things to do are relax and dive into a really good book, go on long walks around my neighborhood and take in my surroundings, and go to my local dog park and do some dog watching.
I’ve always loved dogs and grew up owning and taking care of two family dogs – a Yellow Lab and a Golden Retriever. I’m not the type to go out on the town too often, so it was usually just my dogs and I hanging out all the time. The three of us became inseparable, and I cherish the relationship I have with them in a way that is beyond words. I find taking care of any animal, but dogs specifically, so fulfilling and rewarding, and I absolutely love spending time with dogs of all shapes and sizes. I’ve walked and pet-sat for friends’ dogs as well, and loved every minute of it.
I understand firsthand the type of close connection that is built between you and your dog, an unconditional one that transcends species and is built on a foundation of love and trust. Dogs are such amazing animals, and I cannot think of a better way to spend my time than doing two of my favorite things – being outside and surrounding myself with dogs! I am truly ecstatic to be part of the RuffCity team and honored to be able to provide for you and your furry friend.