Christopher – Downtown

Hello! My name Christopher and I’m originally from North Carolina. I grew up around many different types of animals, usually those who would expect to see on farms. Growing up with German shepherds, we spent a lot of time running through the woods, catching snakes together, tracking deer, and building forts. They say dogs are man’s best friend, and it couldn’t be more true. In my younger years, my parents had trained our dogs to put on shows for those looking to purchase our puppies who were purebred and AKC (American Kennel Club) certified. Taking care of young newborns was definitely demanding, watching over them was no easy task. From their first breath, to watching their ears finally gain enough strength to stand up on their own, it is no small thing when considering these amazing animals as part of the family. Having relocated to New York in 2008, it was a culture shock for a simple country boy. It is here in the city that I have chased many different careers, but the country inside me wont allow me to give up who I am; an animal lover. Dogs are some of the most loyal animals that love unconditionally, so it is understandable that not just anyone would be trusted to watch over your pets while going about the demanding lifestyle NY can present day to day. It is here at RuffCity that we understand the needs and desires of both pets and owners, and I look forward to providing the care and love needed and deserved by the amazing animals!