Ella – Uptown

Hi there! I’m Ella and I’m very excited to get to know you and your pup! I’m originally from Los Angeles but moved to New York for college and fell in love with it!
 Since graduating, I’ve been pursuing a career in writing and thought dog walking would be the perfect thing to do while trying to establish myself in my career. I grew up with both large and small rescue dogs and deeply love pups of all sizes and breeds for their kind, loving spirits and adorable mannerisms. I’ve been dogsitting for friends, family, and neighbors for years, and through this experience, I’ve learned how to approach the friendliest dogs and the most nervous and territorial dogs in a gentle non-threatening way.
I also love the city, with all of its sights and sounds, and think that exploring it with a dog by my side is the perfect way to spend a day! I know that your dog is your family, and will always treat him/her as such, with attention, love, and understanding. I’m so excited to meet you and your pup for some excellent RuffCity dates!