Erin – Downtown

Hello there! I’m Erin Maglietta, a life-time pet owner and all around animal lover. Within my twenty-five years, I’ve had four German Shepherds (Sadie, Jenna, Ayla, Elsa), and four cats (Emma, Michael, Jack, Guinevere). Right now, Elsa lives with my dad back home in New Jersey, and my darling calico cat, Gwen, lives with me in Brooklyn, where we moved to Summer of 2018. I adopted Gwen at a very sad time in my life, having just lost my grandfather, and Ayla (pictured) after ten years of companionship. Having an animal in my life again pulled me out of my funk (cue bumper sticker: who saved who, really??) I truly understand how healing animals are, and I appreciate and thank you for letting me spend time with yours. Please know that your fur babies are safe with me!


I moved to New York City to more easily pursue a career in film and television. When I’m not walking a dog, I’m working on set! Productions can get very stressful, so it’s nice to take a break with a refreshing stroll. In my spare moments, I enjoy watching British television, daydreaming about backpacking Ireland for the third time, and playing fetch with my cat!


Fun Fact: I once applied to a dog daycare by writing little biographies for each of my pets (I got the job!)