Faye – Uptown

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Faye and I’m an NYC native that’s in love with our city and all that it has to offer! I’ve always been a huge lover of exploring Central Park, especially the Boat House, and the only thing I love more than exploring this city we call home is interacting with animals. Combining my two big loves of exploring Central Park with your pup by my side sounds like a dream come true 🙂

Unfortunately, my current landlord doesn’t allow pets in my building, making this the first time in years that I’ve not been a fur parent myself. That’s why I am so excited to be your fur baby’s stand-in cuddle monster, treat giver and long walk provider when you’re not able to be home! I take my role of providing exceptional pet care very seriously because it’s really a win/win; I get to burn the extra treats I’ve been snacking on while the doggies get to burn off all their high energy behavior 🙂 I’ve handled every size of dog imaginable, from a tiny Yorkie to large and excitable boxers, so rest assured whether your fur kid fits in a coffee mug or is able to give rides to a two-year-old that’s holding a coffee mug, I WILL LOVE IT AS MY OWN. I look forward to creating a bond with not only your dog, but with you as well!