Joe – Uptown

My name is Joe and I’m a recent transplant to NYC by way of Boise, Idaho. I am an active, outdoorsy type of person and absolutely delight in the vastness unindustrialized nature has to offer. In the west where trees outnumber lamp-posts and mountains peak over every horizon, summers are spent by campfires and winters are weathered on skis. I think the best part about living back home was the accessibility of adventure. In this regard, despite the overwhelming imposition of streets and steel, New York is an exciting adventure begging to be explored. Since strolling in the shadows of skyscrapers instead of trees in the forest is still an exciting new prospect, I truly enjoy exploring every alley and avenue of the city. This means that instead of just going on a routine walk, your canine companions will be joining me one of my fun daily safaris through the concrete jungle.

I have a fairly long history of close relationships with various dogs. When I was about ten, after what seemed like the whole decade of life I’d known of begging for a furry friend, my family adopted a fluffy white Alaskan snow dog looking mutt we named Sitka. Since I had been so adamant about getting her, my parents, of course, held me to the responsibility of helping to train and care for the new addition to our family. As I was the oldest, by the time I was a teenager, I took Sitka for most of her walks every day and was also charged with keeping her alive when my parents would go out of town.

After they moved away I was without a pawed pal for a couple years until my best friend found herself an Australian shepherd puppy, Beatrice. I feel a bit guilty for saying it, but Bea bear is my absolute favorite doggie ever. We had a world of fun available to us right in our backyard and we took full advantage. Beatrice has accompanied me on many a hike in the hills and countless starlit treks through sleepy suburbs. I always fancied myself her second favorite person and words fall pitifully short of adequate to express how dearly I miss the company of my little teddy Bea.

Alas though, in the quest for new experiences, eventually some chapters of life must end so the next may begin. I am here to see new sights, meet new people, and make new friends. And as I’m sure you understand, some o’ those friends just gotta be dogs. Good old, unconditionally loving, always there to cheer you up, would do anything for you without a second bark; dogs. There’s just no replacement. So as I scrawl out the next pages of my life, I simply cannot wait to include the names of all your beloved buddies in my story with the RuffCity team!