Joel – Uptown

My name is Joel and I am a native New Yorker. Although I was born in Brooklyn, I like to refer to myself as a city boy because I’ve lived in multiple boroughs and I have family in all five of them!  I believe moving around a lot has influenced me to be an adventurer. I’ve also lived in other places like Los Angeles for a couple of years and the Dominican Republic (which is where my family is from) for a couple of months.  When I am not dog walking, my energy is dedicated to being creative and enjoying nature! I am a lifestyle photographer, poet, snowboarder, and hiker.
Growing up I never had a dog but since I was 5, I’ve always wanted one. I love working and spending time with dogs for many reasons. Since I am not in the position to have my own, one of the reasons I love taking care of your fur babies because I get to pretend they’re mine when I’m out with them. This means I will treat your pup with lots of love and care as if he/she was mine. Another reason I really love dogs is that they don’t take us for granted. The fact that you can walk out of your door multiple times a day and come home to the same excitement each time, tells me that their love towards humans is genuine and unconditional.
Before I moved to the Dominican Republic, I worked for a few years as a dog walker for another dog walking service in the city and in the years that I’ve dedicated to being around dogs professionally, each one has taught me something different about life. The one thing I am consistently reminded of by all of them is to be present and grateful. With that being said, I am honored to be a part of RuffCity’s diverse and loving team and I look forward to building a bond with your fur kiddo!