Kiley – Uptown

My name is Kiley and I am a proud member of RuffCity dog-walkers. I have been living in the city for 4 years now and I currently live in Brooklyn in an apartment in Bed-Stuy. I am an undergrad student at Pace University where I major in biology and neuroscience. College was obviously my reasoning for moving to the city originally, but simply moving to a new place in a big city was all that as was after. I grew up mostly on the west coast of Florida in a small town called Bradenton, up until I moved to a suburb outside of Philadelphia in high school. I am graduating from Pace this spring, and looking forward to applying for graduate school within the next couple years.

Growing up I have always been a die-hard lover of a human’s best friend… dogs! 🙂 Moving to a big city like New York, where you walk by a cute pup nearly every few steps, is exhilarating to say the least. Personally, I have always grown up with dogs in the house, so moving away for college and then realizing the difficulty of owning a dog in the city as a full time student and employee has been one of my least favorite aspects of the city. To not have a snuggle buddy to keep me company, throw the ball around with, and cuddle at home with is not ideal, but that’s where dog walking comes in!

Dog walking allows me to interact with my favorite animal on a daily basis, and be able to provide undivided attention and love to the furry pup I’m walking with at the time. I’ve had a lot of experience with a variety of dogs solely from my own pets, and other family/friends pets that I have cared for. My parents had three Jack Russell Terriers in our home almost my entire life, and playing with 3 tireless balls of energy as a child is certainly included in the best of my childhood memories. A major component of dog walking, or any animal engagement/pet relationship, is understanding that you’re dealing with an individualized being who has it’s own feelings, likes and dislikes. Observing and getting to know a dog is the best way to ensure they’re both happy and healthy, so they can live as long as possible:)

Trusting someone else to care for your pet is huge. As an animal lover and responsible member of RuffCity, your pet will be in the best of hands receiving unconditional love and affection. I strive to be as gleeful, playful, and passionate as our furry dog friends are to nearly every person they connect with.

Ultimately, I look forward to meeting your wonderful pet and I can’t wait until I can become their trusted companion. (And favorite dog walker of course!) 🙂