Kim – Downtown

Hiya! I’m Kim, I’m 24, and I’ve been in NYC for 5 years! I came from the Garden State with a wild eagerness to explore the city and pursue art, so I studied Photography at Pratt Institute and have lived in Bed-Stuy ever since. Now I’m working on projects that focus on women’s cycling, community, and all the beautiful people I’ve met. My favorite part about my work is that I’m inspired by everything I see, I’ll happily walk from TriBeCa all the way to Central Park while quietly observing! And then back again, which makes great training for more walking 😉

While, I’ve never owned a pup of my own (yet), I’ve always loved animals and had a cat that grew up with me, you could say we were soul mates, RIP Cocoa<3 Every pup I pass on the street makes my heart melt and I’m well known for my dog-charming skills. I dog-sit a dear friend’s Pit Bull, Gunner, for a couple weeks each winter and we have a great time wrestling and napping! I also was the nanny of a sister and brother for two years, they’re now 6 & 7. That experience tremendously touched me, and made me realize just how much I want to make a difference with my life, help someone, build a bond, teaching them a little something. That’s what I hope to do here too and I can’t wait to meet you and your pup!