Loo – Uptown

My name is Loo and I was adopted at age 3 from Romania and have happily called the US my home since then.  I grew up with 4 dogs that were all different breeds, so I’m comfortable with all shapes and sizes of dogs, although, I especially love the big doggos! I also grew up dog sitting and walking for a bunch of the neighborhood dogs, and because my brother is 14 years older than me and wasn’t home a lot when I was little, I considered all of our family and neighborhood dogs to be my honorary siblings.

My family believes in adoption to their core; I was adopted and so were all of our dogs, and just like me, our rescue dogs came from some places that didn’t show them the best that humans have to offer, so we made it our mission to show them that people can be really good! We understood each dog had their own set of circumstances and tried our best to deal with each situation as it came to us. One of our dogs had previously been abandoned so it took her a while to warm up to us, another had a thing against men so my mom and I were the main caretakers for him. Because of the fact that I was raised with such an array of pup personalities, I feel confident in handling any type of pupper that I come across, although rescues will always hold a special place in my heart.

I truly love dogs so much that I have a tattoo of a dog on my arm!  Dogs are not just our pets, they are so much more than that; they can be siblings, children, grandchildren, and the best companion that life can offer. They are truly our family, and I feel honored to work at RuffCity so that I’m able to be an extension of your furry kiddos family!