Michele – Uptown

I’m Michele and I am a native New Yorker, born roughly forty minutes east to a family of Italian-Americans who made the leap from Queens to Long Island back in the 1950s. Growing up in the house my grandfather built started me on a lifelong fascination with the history of all kinds of things and a deep affection for the tangible remnants of the past that surround us, every day. Having the opportunity to soak up a bit of the timeless beauty of this city while bonding with your best buds is basically my dream come true!

Allergies in the family may have kept me from having one of my own growing up, but I’ve been a lover of dogs my whole life and I am more than making up for it now! I relocated to Queens four years ago, where I live in beautiful, bustling Jackson Heights with my partner, Jorge, and a pair of adorable odd-ball, odd-couple roommates–an 8-year-old chocolate Lab named Charlie, and 13-year-old terrier-mix, Eddie.

Charlie came to us fully grown from the wilds of Jersey, so city living is sometimes a lot for him, but he loves long, late morning walks with his people, where he can fantasize that he has the whole neighborhood to himself. The only thing Charlie loves more than walks are car rides, cucumber slices, and taking a string of deep snoozes within inches of his humans.

Eddie can be a bit of a grumpy old man these days, but really, who could blame him? He’s seen some things in his time! Since he’s a senior pup with some health problems, Eddie requires a bit more hands-on care than he once did, but it’s only served to make our bond that much stronger in recent years.

Seeing to the needs of these animals, getting to know them as individuals with personalities, and feeling the love they give you in return for simply being seen has been so rewarding, like nothing I’ve experienced before. I’m so pleased and proud to be part of the RuffCity family, and I look forward to meeting you and your fur-ever friends!