Miguel – Downtown

Hi all! I’m Miguel. My two rescue mutts, Jackson and Lenny would tell you that they mean the world to me…which translates to why I keenly understand how much your pups mean to you. While I originally hail from the Dominican Republic, I consider myself a Native New Yorker having grown up in NYC the majority of my childhood. A lover of the outdoors, I’ve also had the pleasure to have lived in CT for a number of years after NYC, where Jackson, Lenny and I became family. While Jackson’s likely a mix of Australian Cattle and Pit Bull, Lenny is thought to be part Aussie Cattle and German Shepherd.

For as far back as I can remember, I’ve always loved dogs and consider myself very lucky. With Jackson having turned 7 this past June and Lenny, just north of 3 years old, my life’s been enriched beyond measure. I am certain that being the caregiver to any furry kids is a distinct privilege that I truly understand and one that I’ve been so fortunate to experience on multiple levels. In addition to my two guys, I’ve also spent the past year taking great care of three large dogs, Bella, Layla and Gino who are Cane Corsos (also known as Italian Mastiffs). While not my very own, I care for them as if they are and know how important it is for a dog parent to rest assured that our pups are getting the best possible care. In addition to twice daily walks, feeding, bathing and routine vet visits, their overall wellness is something I take very seriously – and I’ve grown extremely fond of them as if they were my own. My girlfriend even has a 14 pounder, little lady, named Daisy who for the past year and a half plays regular sidekick to Jackson and Lenny – although if you asked Daisy, she’s the boss.

Back in NYC now for almost two years, I definitely also get that city living is quite different than residing in more rural settings and with that, for our dogs, it comes with its own challenges. Living in a concrete jungle we have to be alert and aware and always watching, so it’s important for you to be certain that they are in strong, highly capable and loving hands. While the doggies most certainly fill up much of my hours, I am also a huge lover of architecture, art and interior design. To say that I love food is an understatement and as far as cookies go, Oreos are pure perfection. Music is something that is typically playing in the background of it all for me and I am always up to watch a movie, discover a new neighborhood and/or just chill at home to make and enjoy some homemade food. Often described by those that know me best as a good guy who has a calming and gentle effect on those around him, that is something that I am proud of and dogs seem to respond to organically. I look very forward to meeting you and your fur counterparts in the future!