Nik – Uptown

I’m Nik and I’m originally from a small town in Arkansas, where I grew up with plenty of animals. My family and I would jokingly (maybe half-jokingly) call our home a petting zoo.

I adore dogs (I love animals in general, but dogs are just special). They not only have an innate sense of playfulness, they bring that fun side out in people. It’s weird when a stranger starts chatting with you in NYC, right? Not when you have a dog with you! It can make the big city feel a little more like a smaller town, in the best way.

I have experience with all kinds of different dogs: special needs, rescue, social, doesn’t get along with other dogs, etc. If there’s a dog in the room, it’s pretty much a guarantee that we’ll become friends. I find myself saying it a lot in my day to day life: dogs are just the best!

Outside of work, I’m an actor and voiceover artist. My background is writing and performing comedy for the stage but I’ve been branching out into short films.

I’m so excited to hit the streets with your pup and I know we’re going to have fun adventures together 🙂