Tom – Uptown

My name is Tom and I’m a British-born New Zealander that grew up on a farm in Otago, NZ, and have been surrounded by animals my entire life. Sheep, cows, horses, you name it, I’ve hugged it.

After having worked in Barcelona and London for extended periods, New York seemed like the logical next step. I’m a recent transplant to the city, with my American girlfriend in tow, and it’s been a swell experience so far. I’m a recent university graduate, and I’ve come to the US to experience American culture, hopefully, learn a lot, and report back to the mothership with my findings.

When I was young, I got a Jack Russell named Coco, and from then on my love for dogs was set in stone. I’d take her out exploring the vast wilderness that is New Zealand, and we had a blast. We’d go on long multi-day hikes, go camping, herd the sheep, and ‘beach’ was her favorite word. Finn, a springer spaniel, and Gemma, a Swedish Vallhund, are the most recent pack members back home, and I’m missing them a lot.

You can be assured that I’ll care for your dog like they’re my own. I’m a born pack leader, and your dog will have a fantastic time.