Christiaan – Uptown

I’m Christiaan, A native New Yorker, and lifelong dog owner. I studied photography and film at the School of Visual Arts and have had the privilege of traveling the country taking photos and creating. I grew up in the Bronx and found a lot of strays wandering my neighborhood, many of which I brought home, and because of them, loving and caring for animals has become a huge part of my identity. I have volunteered at the ASPCA, various horse farms and have a few years of experience as a handler and manager of a dog daycare. The love and loyalty our canine friends provide are unmatched, and I believe they deserve their energy and efforts reciprocated by us!

When I’m not pursuing my creative and small business endeavors, I’m more than likely out with my own dogs. My girlfriend and I both have amazing dogs that we’ve adopted who have rescued us and brought and inspired more joy than one could quantify. We live in the city but try our best to explore and play outside of it as often as possible. Hikes, road trips to national parks and exploring virtually anywhere you can see more trees and sky than people is our idea of a great place to have fun with our small pack.

Our dogs are our family and they are dependent upon us to ensure their health and well-being. I am well aware of the demands made by life as a professional living in this city, and those demands don’t always allow time for us to provide our furry fam with the attention we would personally like to devote to them everyday. That’s where I step in, to help you both pass the time during your absence from one another. Providing them with the loving attention, energy, exercise and stimulation they crave and deserve.

I am grateful and proud to be a member of the RuffCity team and look forward to building many new relationships with awesome dogs and their human counterparts.