Will – Uptown

I’m Will! I’ve lived in NYC for more than 8 years, with a little over a year now on the Upper East Side. However, I grew up in south-central Pennsylvania, surrounded by horse fields, forests, and animals of all varieties! Outside of work, I am going to school for data science, and I spend most of my free time tasting craft brews, Netflix-ing with a Seamless order on the way or a home cooked meal, and going hiking and camping with my girlfriend.

Growing up I always had dogs in the home, and so I have a lifetime of experience with them. In my younger years, I would help my step-mom train dogs in obedience and agility classes. I also trained one of my childhood pups as a therapy dog for the elderly, soldiers suffering from PTSD, terminally ill youth, and also to help rehabilitate other dogs that had suffered abuse. He was an amazing friend, and I still miss him very much.

My own moral code with dogs is that they are our friends and family. They make us feel like the most important person on earth when we come home from work every day, and I feel it’s always important that they are treated well in return. I don’t like seeing dogs being jerked around by their collars or dominated with Cesar Milan training methods. In my experience with positive reinforcement training, if the dog isn’t responding to my voice, the best method to obtain the result you want is to distract them with attention and training cues, and if allowed, a small taste of a treat to reward them for the correct behavior. You can rest assured that when your pup is with me, I will always love them and treat them as if they were my own!